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sir jeremy isaacs Quotes

Sir Jeremy Isaacs Quotes



    • My guess is that mainstream channels will play a leading role for another decade, and probably far longer. Some content may be fragmented into itsy-bitsy bites delivered via mobiles, but programmes as we know them will remain central.
    • For some of us it now embodies a mildly prurient voyeurism, but those who stay tuned claim it offers real insights into people's lives.
    • C4's prime marketing concept is the appeal to a 16-34 audience. This has some strange consequences-a series explaining Islam, for example, is entrusted to Peaches Geldof. There's an obsession with adolescent transgression and sex. Gordon Ramsay is hired to make a series called The F Word; Designer Vaginas is followed by The World's Biggest Penis. Earlier this autumn, unless I dreamed it, we were subject to a 'wank week.'
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