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stephen mangan Quotes

Stephen Mangan Quotes



    • He walks a fine line. Obviously he is trying to be funny but a lot of the humour is because he is such a wally. You are laughing at him. When we filmed the first series, I expected to be regularly punched in the face by strangers in the street because he can be quite arrogant, although I like to call it self-confidence! I think he is misunderstood.
    • I once told Victoria about a girl telling me I reminded her of somebody famous. I always get mistaken for Jerry Seinfeld, Elliott Gould and Pete Sampras so I listed about ten people and she said, no, it's none of them, it's the donkey from Shrek! Now every episode has me being compared to the donkey from Shrek. I'm much more guarded now but I looked at a picture the other day of Camilla Parker Bowles, and her hairstyle and look are exactly like Julian (Rhind-Tutt). So that went in.
    • But on set it is Stephen Mangan, as the comic-grotesque Dr Guy Secretan, who emerges as the true star. With film roles in Festival and the forthcoming Confetti, it can't be long before he's up there with Coogan and Gervais. The rest of the cast are all straight actors, but Mangan is a brilliant improv performer who pushes the script to the very limit with his constant ad-libbing.
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