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subhash kak Quotes

Subhash Kak Quotes



    • Once scientists and scholars invest parts of their career in support of a paradigm, it becomes a sort of a self-betrayal to abandon it. ** 'The honey bee dance language controversy,' The Mankind Quarterly - Summer 1991 - Pages 357-365.
    • People embrace false magical theories in the hope something good will come out of them. In the most extreme of these, good comes out of them only at the end of this life, in paradise. ** The Prajna Sutra.
    • Man is a mimic animal, happiest acting a part, needing a mask to tell the truth. ** The Prajna Sutra.
    • Gods have many faces. ** The Prajna Sutra.
    • The body is like the wife to the spirit. The two must cohabit to create new forms, but their pleasures rarely coincide. ** The Prajna Sutra.
    • When the mind grasps the universe, the senses retreat. ** The Prajna Sutra.
    • Men and women in their mutual attraction are driven to the very emptiness they are trying to avoid. ** Recursionism and Reality.
    • If the heart sorrows over physical loss, the spirit rejoices over hope of understanding. ** Recursionism and Reality.
    • Europe has resurrected its pagan gods. ** Recursionism and Reality.
    • History is scraps of evidence joined by the glue of imagination.
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