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theodore tilton Quotes

Theodore Tilton Quotes



    • I won a noble fame; But with a sudden frown, The people snatched my crown, And, in the mire, trod down My lofty name.
    • But I account it worth All pangs of fair hopes crost- All loves and honors lost,- To gain the heavens, at cost Of losing earth.
    • So, lest I be inclined To render ill for ill,- Henceforth in me instil, O God, a sweet good-will To all mankind.
    • 'What is wealth?' the king would say, 'Even this shall pass away'.
    • 'Pleasure comes, but not to stay; Even this shall pass away.'
    • 'Pain is hard to bear,' he cried, 'But with patience, day by day, Even this shall pass away.'
    • 'What is fame? Fame is but a slow decay- Even this shall pass away.'
    • theodore tilton

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