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thomas tusser Quotes

Thomas Tusser Quotes



    • Yet true it is, as cow chews cud And trees at spring do yield forth bud, Except wind stands as never it stood, It is an ill wind turns none to good.
    • Dry sun, dry wind; Safe bind, safe find. 5
    • HAST thou a Friend, as heart may wish at will? Then use him so, to have his friendship still. Would'st have a Friend, would'st know what friend is best? Have God thy friend who passeth all the rest.
    • To death we must stoop, be we high, be we low, But how and how suddenly few be that know -, What carry we then but a sheet to the grave, To cover this carcass, of all that we have?'
    • God sendeth and giveth both mouth and the meat.
    • At Christmas play and make good cheer, For Christmas comes but once a year.
    • Such mistress, such Nan, Such master, such man.
    • Who goeth a borrowing Goeth a sorrowing.
    • 'T is merry in hall Where beards wag all.
    • Naught venture naught have.
    • A fool and his money are soon parted.
    • [He] spread his bread with all sorts of butter, yet none would stick thereon.
    • thomas tusser

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