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tony buzan Quotes

Tony Buzan Quotes



    • I use my head.(Head First, 2000)
    • Marketing is called a hard skill, accountancy a hard skill.....that's, if I may use this phrase, bullshit! The soft skills are marketing etc - they've got it backwards.
    • We teach mental literacy and radiant thinking; a revolution in human thought.
    • We damage so many kids and so many lives by saying 'you're thick'.
    • Did you know that you use less than 1 percent of your brain? The good news is that mind mapping can help you to access the other 99 percent!
    • The mind map will change your life.
    • The world is historically mentally illiterate.
    • Even traditionally well educated and literate individuals are significantly restricted by the fact that they are able to use only a fraction of the biological and conceptual thinking tools which are available (the mind map)
    • Normal linear note taking and writing will put you into a semi-hypnotic trance, while mind mapping will greatly enhance your left and right brain cognitive skills.
    • As knowledge of the alphabet and its permutations and combinations is to traditional literacy, and as a knowledge of numbers and their permutations and combinations is to mathematics, so a knowledge of the biological and conceptual alphabets of the brain and its apparently infinite permutations and combinations is to mental literacy.
    • The human brain has left and right brain symmetry with its own nature and can process information which initially appears to have no pattern or order. However, the brain has the ability to process visual information much more efficiently.
    • The old linear pattern of thinking by reading and describing from left to right, top to bottom has many problems in organizing information coming from eyes, ears, etc. For example, the ability to read and understand the context of a book is different from memorizing them simply as sentences.
    • During the renaissances in thinking led by Shakespeare and Goethe, the first new development in memory techniques for 1,700 years appeared: the Major System. This was the first system that enabled the user to transfer easily and instantaneously from numbers to letters, thus creating the opportunity for a system that could stretch from zero to an infinite number, and which allowed the user to translate any word into its own special number, and any number into its own special letter. This multiplied the opportunity for developing memory techniques 100-fold.
    • My view is that evolution will continue to evolve!
    • 'mens sana in corpore sano' - a healthy mind in a healthy body, or a healthy body in a healthy mind.
    • The Internet will be the evolutionary mechanism that allows us to play an eternal game of intelligence 'Leap-Frog'. I look forward to leap frogging with you' (Introduction to the Buzan Centres and the Brain Trust Charity, 2003)
    • Research is increasingly showing that the faster you read, the better your comprehension. So if you read at 1000 wpm, learn to read at 2000 wpm and your comprehension will soar like a dolphin. This is because information is organized into meaningful chunks that make immediate sense to your brain. This increased ability to understand in turn helps you to remember better.
    • Acting in harmony, your super genius light-receivers can decode in less than a second, a scene containing billions of pieces of information, with super-photographic accuracy, just like a security camera.
    • If you want to learn to communicate, remember, and use your brain more effectively, learn to exaggerate. It will make you richer.
    • tony buzan

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