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tristan j. loo Quotes

Tristan J. Loo Quotes



    • 'The greatest fighters seldom need to fight at all.'
    • 'Winning without fighting.'
    • 'Force against force rarely accomplishes anything.'
    • 'A young bird who understands the art of flying will still fall without feathers.'
    • 'I might be able to break wood with my bare hands, but what of stone?'
    • 'Remember that laws have been responsible for the deaths of millions. Look beyond the law for the true intention.'
    • 'Conflict is inevitable in life. Do not run from it--embrace it instead.'
    • 'A true master of peace is well versed in the art of war.'
    • 'The instant you call your enemy your partner, the need for war is no longer.'
    • 'My greatest enemy, I call my friend.'
    • 'Two angry neighbors fighting over the tree in the middle of their properties. Two leaders of nations fighting over the territory in the middle. What is the difference?'
    • 'The greatest invention of peace-keeping is located between your nose and your chin.'
    • 'He who has never experienced hurt, cannot experience true love.'
    • 'The heart has the tendency to confuse even the smartest of men.'
    • 'I once was in love...and I lost everything because of it.'
    • 'Love is beautiful in its simplicity, yet ugly in its complexity.'
    • 'She did everything for me in my life--even twisted the knife in my back.'
    • 'Offer forgiveness not for their sake, but for your own health.'
    • 'If you remain angry at someone, then who is suffering?'
    • 'The lengths people go to win an apology baffles my mind.'
    • 'If you offer a genuine apology, then where is the incentive to fight?'
    • 'Healing can only occur once the knife is removed from the back.'
    • tristan j. loo

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