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wilhelm bittrich Quotes

Wilhelm Bittrich Quotes



    • I once spent an hour and a half trying to explain a situation to 'Sepp' Dietrich with the aid of a map. It was quite useless. He understood nothing at all.
    • In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard.
    • The things Heinrich (Himmler) says are sheer nonsense! Things will go badly for us if we don't change our ways, and he is a fool if he does not understand this.
    • Other visits (to the front) showed me that efforts were being made on the Western Front to arrive at understandings with the enemy on special problems. At Arnhem, I found General Bittrich of the Waffen-SS in a state of fury. The day before, his Second Tank Corps had virtually wiped out a British airborne division. During the fighting the general had made an arrangement permitting the enemy to run a field hospital situated behind the German lines. But party functionaries had taken it upon themselves to kill British and American pilots, and Bittrich was cast in the role of a liar. His violent denunciation of the party was all the more striking since it came from an SS general.
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