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wilhelm frick Quotes

Wilhelm Frick Quotes



    • Long live eternal Germany!
    • Hitler was undoubtedly a genius but he lacked self-control. He recognized no limits. Otherwise the thousand-year Reich would have lasted more than twelve years.
    • It was sad. It's war. Many others died, too. It's war.
    • I am skeptical about preventing wars. I doubt if they can be prevented. There will always be wars. Judging by past experiences, working for peace now would be as ineffective as ever. It's a law of nature.
    • Personally, he is not particularly depressed, because of the 'nature of life, the laws of nature, the ways of war.'
    • A minister of interior who knew not even what went on in the interior of his own office, much less the interior of his own department, and nothing at all about the interior of Germany.
    • Frick, the ruthless organizer, helped the party to seize power, supervised the police agencies to insure that it stayed in power, and chained the economy of Bohemia and Moravia to the German war machine.
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