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wouter van oortmerssen Quotes

Wouter van Oortmerssen Quotes



    • You kill stuff. The End.
    • You kill more stuff. The End.
    • [..] But I like the 'windoze' spelling (much like 'micro$oft', 'MSFT', 'GNU/linux' etc), as it helps me seperate out the irrational religious fanatics from the rest.
    • Far Cry is a commercial product, so porting it to linux makes no sense at all (out of the 3.5 linux players wanting to play it, 3 will cry that it has to be free).
    • Realism is what makes games suck.
    • People don't understand what an insane engineering effort making a solid MMORPG is. Pretty much 100% of people on the net who say they will be making an MMORPG are dumbasses who don't understand game development (yes, 100%.. those few people who DO understand it are a rounding error).
    • A day not partied or programmed is a day wasted.
    • Just because lots of lemmings run off a cliff doesn't make cliffs a good place to be.
    • wouter van oortmerssen

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