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amy goodman Quotes
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Amy Goodman Quotes

Birth Date: 1957-04-13 (Saturday, April 13th, 1957)



    • But for the media to name their coverage of the 2003 invasion of Iraq the same as what the Pentagon calls it-everyday seeing 'Operation Iraqi Freedom'-you have to ask: 'If this were state controlled media, how would it be any different?'
    • [The media] are using a national treasure--that's what the public airwaves are. And they have a responsibility to bring out the full diversity of opinion or lose their licenses.
    • In the meantime, it just makes it a little harder to smile. But so does the world.
    • Going to where the silence is. That is the responsibility of a journalist: giving a voice to those who have been forgotten, forsaken, and beaten down by the powerful.
    • We must build a trickle-up media that reflects the true character of this country and its people. A democratic media serving a democratic society.
    • We have a decision to make every hour of every day, and that is whether to represent the sword or the shield. Democracy now.
    • amy goodman

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