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james shirley Quotes
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James Shirley Quotes

Date of Death: 1666-10-29 (Friday, October 29th, 1666)



    • Devouring Famine, Plague, and War, Each able to undo mankind, Death's servile emissaries are; Nor to these alone confined, He hath at will More quaint and subtle ways to kill; A smile or kiss, as he will use the art, Shall have the cunning skill to break a heart.
    • Death calls ye to the crowd of common men.
    • The honour is overpaid, When he that did the act is commentator.
    • The glories of our blood and state Are shadows, not substantial things; There is no armour against fate; Death lays his icy hand on kings: Sceptre and Crown Must tumble down, And in the dust be equal made With the poor crooked scythe and spade.
    • Only the actions of the just Smell sweet and blossom in the dust.
    • james shirley

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