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sanjaya malakar Quotes
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Sanjaya Malakar Quotes

Birth Date: 1989-09-10 (Sunday, September 10th, 1989)



    • Sonia Mowlicker.
    • I can't tell you. I would say that if I did, I would have to kill you, but that wouldn't be polite.
    • I drove a bus down Sunset Boulevard once, and I didn't kill anyone.
    • How can you look at this and not see it as the symbol for the self-referencing nature of progressive evolution.
    • I didn't know people had that much water in them!
    • I just wanted to sing on TV.
    • When life gives you lemons, get tequila and salt.
    • 'Sour patch kids gone wild.'
    • Let's give them something to talk about, other than H A I R!
    • I like singing in the street, so if you saw a little Indian kid walking on the street singing loudly, that was probably me.
    • I would have Simon Cowell sing 'Shiny Happy People' by R.E.M. just to show his true personality.
    • I hope she saw the passion, and no need to tell Mark Anthony about it.
    • I learned the hula, so now I know how to shake my booty Hawaiian style.
    • Thank you! Welcome to the Universe of Sanjaya!
    • Singing.
    • I don't eat sugary cereal.
    • sanjaya malakar

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