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mao zedong Quotes

Mao Zedong Quotes

Date of Death: 1991-05-14 (Tuesday, May 14th, 1991)


mao zedong life timeline

Chinese Communists begin the Long March; it ended a year and four days later, by which time Mao Zedong had regained his title as party chairman.Tuesday, October 16th, 1934
The People s Republic of China is declared by Mao Zedong.Saturday, October 1st, 1949
Mao Zedong s funeral takes place in Beijing.Saturday, September 18th, 1976
The People s Republic of China announces that Hua Guofeng is the successor to the late Mao Zedong as chairman of Communist Party of China.Tuesday, October 12th, 1976
Jiang Qing, the widow of Mao Zedong, is sentenced to death.Sunday, January 25th, 1981


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    • Ours is a people's democratic dictatorship, led by the working class and based on the worker-peasant alliance.
    • Don't think about it. If you don't think about it, you won't sink. If you do, you will.
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    • The cult of xenophobia is the cheapest and surest method of obtaining from the masses the ignorant and savage patriotism, which puts the blame for every political folly or social misfortune upon the foreigner.
    • Politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed.
    • I don't care if we're so poor we can't afford to wear pants; I want that bomb built.
    • It's always darkest before it's totally black.
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