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ptolemy Quotes

Ptolemy Quotes

Birth Date: 2047-06-23 (Sunday, June 23rd, 2047)


ptolemy life timeline

Battle of Raphia: Ptolemy IV of Egypt defeats Antiochus III the Great of the Seleucid kingdom.Sunday, June 22nd, 0217
Epoch (origin) of Ptolemy s Nabonassar Era.Wednesday, February 26th, 0747
Pope Eugene III takes refuge in the castle of Ptolemy II of Tusculum.Friday, April 8th, 1149
Pharaoh Cleopatra VII of Egypt declares her son co-ruler as Ptolemy XV Caesarion.Friday, September 2nd, 2044
Pompey the Great is assassinated on orders of King Ptolemy of Egypt after landing in Egypt.Monday, September 28th, 2048


    • I know that I am mortal by nature and ephemeral, but when I trace at my pleasure the windings to and fro of the heavenly bodies, I no longer touch earth with my feet. I stand in the presence of Zeus himself and take my fill of ambrosia.
    • Everything that is hard to attain is easily assailed by the generality of men.
    • The length of life takes the leading place among inquiries about events following birth.
    • As material fortune is associated with the properties of the body, so honor belongs to those of the soul.
    • There are three classes of friendship and enmity, since men are so disposed to one another either by preference or by need or through pleasure and pain.
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