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aaron north Quotes

Aaron North Quotes

Birth Date: 1979-03-22 (Thursday, March 22nd, 1979)



    • Q: What were your initial thoughts of NIN prior to joining the band? Aaron: I thought I'd hafta shave my eyebrows, wear dog collars, mesh tank tops, and black bicycle shorts on stage. I was actually kinda bummed when I showed up for practice the first day dressed like that, and everybody was looking at me weird.
    • My approach is I'm coming from a place where it's okay to take chances or maybe it's a good thing to fall on your face.
    • Sometimes, chaos is a good thing. Some guitar players are afraid of making mistakes, hitting the wrong notes or their equipment failing or different factors that are going to make them look unprofessional. For me, that's what makes the show interesting. ...When I was a kid and would go see a rock show and something f--ed up would happen, there was a riot or all the gear got broken, that's more exciting than going up and having the most perfectly executed show go off without a hitch ... We put a show on that people are going to talk about and maybe change people's views on what rock 'n' roll has to be.
    • I think punk rock is dead, and has been for a long time. Any time people can start using a word to describe how people dress as opposed to what music is like stylistically or idealistically, it's a dead term as far as 'rock terms' go.
    • I've never been 'anti' drugs:I just choose not to use them. If you wanna get fucked up:more power to ya.
    • I've never considered playing music to have anything to do with being 'professional'.
    • Can someone translate this from English to Russian for me? Where is the Siberian cultural museum? I would like to see your wonderful prison systems.
    • 'He shows up, he looks shitty, he's got junk equipment, he looks like he's just got up and I want to punch him, and then Aaron starts playing and on the first note it's like, 'You're the guy.' He wasn't trying to be me, and play like I play. He played and chaos came out. It immediately made the band turn into something else'- Trent Reznor
    • aaron north

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