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alexi laiho Quotes

Alexi Laiho Quotes

Birth Date: 1979-04-08 (Sunday, April 8th, 1979)



    • 'Time to breed some fucking hate!'
    • 'We're Children of Bodom, and we come from fucking FINLAND!'
    • 'YAOW!'
    • 'All Right, Mothertruckers'
    • 'But, now its also time to say that - I dont give a fuck if you hate me!'
    • 'Alexi laiho says to kill all chinese. (live concert in Japan)'
    • 'Flowers and lovely cuddly stuff...well fuck all that the next song is going to be a HATE CREW DEATHROLL'
    • 'Sure you don't want to go home, and have some sleep? ...ZzZzZzZ.. you know, FUCK that shit man, we fucking gonna rock out to Follow The Reaper!'
    • 'Anybody hungry by the way? I Kinda. Hey Janne can You hook up some mother fucking sausage? Looking Good. BBQ with Children Of Bodom. Actually it tastes really good, you wanna try some. Well come on at least we bring cooked food.'
    • 'Every motherfucker has got their damage to go totally fucking crazy. I wanna see the moshpit right there dude cause the next song is Needled 24/7'
    • 'We decided to try Pepto Bismol and whiskey at the same time- your stomach's okay, but you can still get drunk.'
    • 'That's why you always keep an extra bottle around, feeling bad, you take a few sips and you have a first class scene again.'
    • 'I don't know why but in every tour I end up having teddy bear. For some reason I buy them when I'm drunk'
    • 'Karma: What are your thoughts about Dimebag's death, being it's almost a full year?
    • 'I can't take credits for bringin guitar solos back to metal scenery.'
    • 'And that's Jaska, one crazy son-of-a-BIATCH!'
    • 'I puked in Greece, what have you done?'
    • 'Well this next song's gonna be dedicated to all these fuckin' 3 piece suit wearing motherfuckers who think there's something wrong with listening to heavy metal and drinking fucking beer. And whenever you meet one of these fuckin' bastards, you're gonna go and like give 'em the middle finger and tell 'em FUCK YOU! YOU'RE BETTER OFF DEAD!'
    • 'I got a fucking dollar on my god damn forehead, so fuck you.'
    • 'Establish World Peace. Kill Everyone'
    • alexi laiho

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