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anne boleyn Quotes

Anne Boleyn Quotes

Date of Death: 1536-05-19 (Tuesday, May 19th, 1536)


anne boleyn life timeline

Lady Anne Boleyn is created Marchioness of Pembroke by her fiance, King Henry VIII of England.Thursday, September 1st, 1532
Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII of England, discovers herself pregnant.Monday, January 23rd, 1533
Henry VIII of England secretly marries his second wife Anne Boleyn.Wednesday, January 25th, 1533
The Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Cranmer declares the marriage of King Henry VIII of England to Anne Boleyn valid.Sunday, May 28th, 1533
Anne Boleyn is crowned Queen of England.Thursday, June 1st, 1533
Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII of England, is beheaded for adultery, treason, and incest.Tuesday, May 19th, 1536


    • I heard say that the executioner was very good, he'd have to be, for I have a little neck!
    • And if any person will meddle of my cause, I require them to judge the best.
    • O Death, rock me asleep, Bring me to quiet rest, Let pass my weary guiltless ghost Out of my careful breast.
    • And thus I take my leave of the world and of you all, and I heartily desire you all to pray for me.
    • Good Christian people, I am come hither to die, for according to the law, and by the law I am judged to die, and therefore I will speak nothing against it. I am come hither to accuse no man, nor to speak anything of that, whereof I am accused and condemned to die.
    • O Lord have mercy on me, to God I commend my soul.
    • Finish, good lady, the bright day is done, And we are for the dark.
    • Perhaps the safest guess for a modern historian is that Anne had indeed committed adultery with Norris and briefly with Mark Smeaton and that there was enough circumstantial evidence to cast reasonable doubt on the denials of the others. - George W. Bernard
    • Anne and five men were put to death by due process of law because the king wished to marry again ... Henry had now so far discarded scruple that to get his way he was prepared to appear as a cuckold and a victim of witchcraft. - Sir Geoffrey Elton
    • The plot against Anne Boleyn was most carefully calculated. Jane Seymour deliberately tantalised the king, at the same time poisoning his mind against Anne. The rest of the queen's enemies joined in the chorus when and how they could. - Eric Ives
    • For many historians Anne remains the lady with an extra fingernail who was too flirtatious, even in a harmless courtly way, for her own safety and well-being. The result of these interpretations is that the responsibility for her tragic death lies with her, the victim, rather than with the king and his ministers who orchestrated her execution: she miscarried a defective fetus in 1536. It was because Henry viewed this mishap both as an evil omen, both for his lineage and his kingdom, that he had her accused of engaging in illicit sexual acts with five men. - Retha Warnicke
    • To us she appears inconsistent - religious yet aggressive, calculating yet emotional, with the light touch of the courtier yet the strong grip of the politician : A woman in her own right - taken on her own terms in a man's world; a woman who mobilized her education, her style and her presence to outweigh the disadvantages of her sex; of only moderate good looks, but taking a court and a king by storm. Perhaps, in the end, it is Thomas Cromwell's assessment that comes nearest: intelligence, spirit and courage. - Eric Ives (1986)
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