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annika sorenstam Quotes

Annika Sorenstam Quotes

Birth Date: 1970-10-09 (Friday, October 9th, 1970)


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In Fort Worth, Texas, Annika Sorenstam becomes the first woman to play the PGA Tour in 58 years.Thursday, May 22nd, 2003


    • My heart was beating. I got sick in my stomach and my hands were sweating - everything you feel when you are under pressure. I've been nervous before, but nothing like this.
    • I'm going back to my tour where I belong. The attention was more than I expected. The golf course wasn't a problem. It was just the things around it. All the preparation I've done in the last month weighed on me.
    • Ron Sirak, a golf writer and friend, was quoted as saying, 'Annika is no longer a female golfer. She's a golfer.' That's truly all I ever aspired to be.
    • I just feel that there's a little bit of lack of respect and class just to kind of leave a tournament like that and then come out and practice here, especially being the hostess. You know, I don't know the situation, if it's injury or whatever it is. It's just -- it just seemed really weird.
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