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avril lavigne Quotes

Avril Lavigne Quotes

Birth Date: 1984-09-27 (Thursday, September 27th, 1984)



    • Don't like me for who I am? Then you don't like me for who I am. And all you're gonna get is who I am.
    • If you're trying to turn me into something else, it's easy to see I'm not down with that
    • People are like, 'Well, she doesn't know the Sex Pistols.' Why would I know that stuff? Look how young I am. That stuff's old, right?
    • Some chick came up to me and said something, so I kicked her in the box and shoved her.
    • I'm the best damn thing that your eyes have ever seen
    • Hey! Hey! You! You! I Don't Like Your Girlfriend!
    • I've never done coke in my life, and I'm proud of that.
    • He stuck a camera down my throat....ewwww, I gagged!!! It was kinda funny though.....he said I have 'Acute Laryngitis'.
    • I was eating bad stuff. Lots of sugar and carbs, junk food all the time. It makes you very irritated.
    • School teaches you what to do with the rest of your life... I already knew.
    • The whole world was watching me, and that's not such an easy thing to live with. It's like traveling in a Ferrari at 200mph with a great driver who takes you everywhere you want to go really fast. But that driver doesn't care if you get scared. The only thing he knows is that he has to go fast.
    • I liked being a minor because you can't get into trouble. Now I just have to try and behave myself.
    • I might look like a tough chick - and I am - but I'm also a hopeless romantic inside.
    • Why should I care what other people think of me? I am who I am. And who I wanna be.
    • I'd like to be a little more hard-rocking on my next album. But I hate the whole label thing.
    • I'd be so proud when my video came on MTV - I'd be like that's me I'm singing on TV
    • People ask me if I regret wasting my last teen years on becoming a singer. You know something? I don't. Because singing is my life. When and if you want something so badly you'll see. I mean, I'm just so blessed to be doing what I love to do and to have been given this opportunity. I thank God because there are so many more talented people out there that will never even come close to getting a record deal.
    • To understand me, you have to meet me and be around me. And then only if I'm in a good mood - don't meet me in a bad mood.
    • My mom wouldn't let me sing 'Strawberry Wine' because it had 'wine' in it.
    • When I was 2 my mom said she knew I was going to be a singer. I've been performing ever since I was a young kid. So I've known I wanted to do this for a while. I always knew in my heart that I'd be singing.
    • I'm just coming out and I'm going to clearly be myself - I write what I feel, I never worry what others think.
    • I can write a song a day.
    • My dream was always to hop up on stage in front of my fans every night and perform.
    • Actually, I know for a fact there are some young female artists who don't even sing on their own records and who don't sing live. And that is pathetic. (about lipsynching)
    • I'm so girly, it's not even funny
    • My mom would make me wear dresses to church, and I'd be like 'Ugh, no! I don't want to wear it!'
    • When I first came out on the scene, I acted liked a kid and dressed like a kid - and now I'm a woman. As you get older you start dressing differently and doing things differently with your hair. I was such a tomboy. I wore my hair the same way every day. Barely wore makeup. And now, I LOVE clothes. I love shoes, I love purses!
    • Everything I know I could never have learned on a chalkboard.
    • I'm not very scene-y. I don't really like the kind of people in L.A. anyway. Everyone is so pretentious and so caught up in what everybody thinks. I'm just a chill person.
    • Mhmm Cheeseburger.....Mhmm Deryck
    • Wait...He called me weird? He's WEIRD!
    • Yes I was alittle...drunk...when I wrote the chorus, but I really don't think you should steal somebody's boyfriend
    • I'm a shouter. If it's a guy making me mad, I'll scream in his face.
    • I've been known to run around naked when I'm trashed. So maybe indecent exposure. Actually, I'd probably be arrested for disturbing the peace. One time I was drinking whiskey, and I was so loud someone called the fire department.
    • OK. This 3-year-old kid is home alone, and a salesman comes to the door. The kid answers, and he's got a porno in one hand, a cigar in one hand and a bottle of J.D. The salesman goes, 'Hi, little boy, are your parents home?' The kid goes, 'What the fuck do you think?'
    • Fuck-all. It's just a little town where everybody knows everybody and everybody's business, and there's nothing to do except get drunk.
    • It's not cheesy, because I wrote it.
    • avril lavigne

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