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bruce springsteen Quotes

Bruce Springsteen Quotes

Birth Date: 1949-09-23 (Friday, September 23rd, 1949)



    • This music is forever for me. It's the stage thing, that rush moment that you live for. It never lasts, but that's what you live for.
    • Music was my way of keeping people from looking through and around me. I wanted the heavies to know I was around.
    • Your success story is a bigger story than whatever you're trying to say on stage... Success makes life easier. It doesn't make living easier.
    • We're here to re-dedicate you to The Power, The Passion, The Mystery, and The Ministry of Rock and Roll.
    • Roll down the window and let the wind blow back your hair. Well the night's busting open, these two lanes will take us anywhere. We've got one last chance to make it real, to trade in these wings on some wheels. Climb in back, heaven's waiting down on the tracks.
    • And in the lonely cool before dawn, you hear their engines roaring on. But when you get to the porch they're gone On the wind, so Mary climb in. It's a town full of losers and I'm pulling out of here to win.
    • The highway's jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive. Everybody's out on the run tonight but there's no place left to hide. Together, Wendy, we can live with the sadness. I'll love you with all the madness in my soul. Someday, girl, I don't know when, We're gonna get to that place where we really want to go, And well walk in the sun, But till then tramps like us, baby we were born to run.
    • The street's alive as secret debts are paid, Contacts made, they vanished unseen. Kids flash guitars just like switch-blades Hustling for the record machine. The hungry and the hunted explode into rock'n'roll bands That face off against each other out in the street, down in Jungleland.
    • For the ones who had a notion, a notion deep inside That it ain't no sin to be glad you're alive, I wanna find one face that ain't looking through me. I wanna find one place, I wanna spit in the face of these badlands.
    • Now some guys they just give up living and start dying little by little piece by piece. Some guys come home from work and wash up And go racing in the streets. Tonight, tonight the strip's just right, I wanna blow 'em all out of their seats. We're callin' out around the world, we're going racin' in the street.
    • Well everybody's got a secret, son, something that they just can't face. Some folks spend their whole lives trying to keep it, they carry it with them every step that they take Till some day they just cut it loose, cut it loose or let it drag 'em down Where no one asks any questions or looks too long in your face In the darkness on the edge of town.
    • I met her in a Kingstown bar. We fell in love, I knew it had to end. We took what we had and we ripped it apart. Now here I am down in Kingstown again.
    • Then I got Mary pregnant and man that was all she wrote. And for my nineteenth birthday I got a union card and a wedding coat. We went down to the courthouse and the judge put it all to rest. No wedding day smiles, no walk down the aisle, No flowers, no wedding dress. That night we went down to the river and into the river we'd dive, Oh down to the river we did ride.
    • Born down in a dead man's town; The first kick I took was when I hit the ground. You end up like a dog that's been beat too much 'Til you spend half your life just covering up.
    • Sometimes it's like someone took a knife, baby, edgy and dull, And cut a six-inch valley through the middle of my skull. At night I wake up with the sheets soaking wet and a freight train running through the middle of my head. Only you can cool my desire. Oh, I'm on fire.
    • Just sitting back trying to recapture a little of the glory of... Well, the time slips away and leaves you with nothing, mister, but boring stories of Glory days - yeah, they'll pass you by, Glory days - in the wink of a young girl's eye.
    • Last night me and Kate we laid in bed talking about getting out, Packing up our bags, maybe heading south. I'm thirty-five, we got a boy of our own now. Last night I sat him up behind the wheel and said, 'Son, take a good look around, This is your hometown.'
    • Ought to be easy, ought to be simple enough: Man meets woman, and they fall in love, But the house is haunted and the ride gets rough. You got to learn to live with what you can't rise above.
    • God have mercy on the man who doubts what he's sure of.
    • Baby, in a world without pity Do you think what I'm askin's too much I just want to feel you in my arms Share a little of that Human Touch.
    • So I bought a .44 magnum it was solid steel cast And in the blessed name of Elvis well I just let it blast 'Til my TV lay in pieces there at my feet And they busted me for disturbin' the almighty peace. Judge said 'What you got in your defense son?' 'Fifty-seven channels and nothin' on' I can see by your eyes friend you're just about gone Fifty-seven channels and nothin' on.
    • If the angels are unkind or the season is dark Or if in the end Love just falls apart Well then here's to our destruction Baby let me be your soul driver.
    • When it comes to luck you make your own.
    • The highway is alive tonight But nobody's kiddin' nobody about where it goes I'm sittin' down here in the campfire light With the ghost of old Tom Joad.
    • Hell's brewin' dark sun's on the rise This storm'll blow through by and by House is on fire, Viper's in the grass A little revenge and this too shall pass.
    • So let's take the good times as they go and I'll meet you further on up the road...
    • We're a long, long way from home, Bobbie; Home's a long, long way from us. I feel a dirty wind blowing; Devils and dust.
    • Fear's a powerful thing It'll turn your heart black you can trust It'll take your God filled soul Fill it with devils and dust.
    • At this point, I don't need my records to be Number One or sell as many as this person or that person. That's not fundamentally important - I don't believe that sustains you.
    • In the third grade a nun stuffed me in a garbage can under her desk because she said that's where I belonged.
    • There ain't a note that I play on stage that can't be traced back directly to my mother and father.
    • The first day I can remember looking into a mirror and being able to stand what I saw was the day I had a guitar in my hand.
    • You ride in a limousine the first time, it's a big thrill but after that it's just a stupid car.
    • What you do if someone doesn't understand your song, is to keep on singing your song.
    • Blind faith in your leaders, or in anything, will get you killed.
    • I believe the war on poverty is a more American idea than the war on the war on poverty. I believe that most people feel like that. And I believe that it ain't over till it's over.
    • People deserve... the truth. They deserve honesty. The best music, you can seek some shelter in it momentarily, but it's essentially there to provide you something to face the world with.
    • Rock 'n' roll, man, it changed my life. It was like The Voice of America, the real America coming into your home. It was the liberating thing, the out. Once I found the guitar, I had the key to the highway.
    • The great challenge of adulthood is holding on to your idealism after you lose your innocence.
    • When I started in music, I thought, 'My job is pretty simple. I search for the human things in myself, and I turn them into notes and words, and then in some fashion, I help people hold on to their own humanity.'
    • Last Thursday, at the Harvard Square theatre, I saw my rock'n'roll past flash before my eyes. And I saw something else: I saw rock and roll future and its name is Bruce Springsteen. And on a night when I needed to feel young, he made me feel like I was hearing music for the very first time.
    • The first time I saw Bruce he was opening up for Jethro Tull, before he had a record deal. I went to see Bruce because I was singing in that area with different bands and I wanted to get in a good rock band and he had the best rock band.
    • In all my years in this business he is the only person I've met who cares absolutely nothing about money.
    • When Bruce Springsteen sings on his new album, that's not 'fun', that's fucking triumph, man.
    • At every date he goes out and sits in every section of the hall to listen to the sound. And if it isn't right, even in the last row, I hear about it and we make changes. I mean every date too.
    • I will always desire to play with Bruce Springsteen. He's the most inspirational, most dedicated, most committed and most focused artist I've ever seen. I like to be around people like that.
    • I think he's a great guitarist, a great musician and an excellent keyboard player - which most people don't know. But he knows what sets him apart from everybody is that he's a brilliant writer. Part of that is having a vision to put it across onstage as a performer, too.
    • He's so good, you really want to hit him now and again. He'd come to rehearsal and he'd write five songs in a day, and he'd do that all the time, whenever he felt like it.
    • Bruce was writing five or ten songs a week. He would say, 'I'm gonna go home tonight and write a great song,' and he did. He was the Boss then, and he's the Boss now.
    • I'd heard The Bruce Springsteen Band was nearby at a club called The Student Prince. A rainy, windy night it was, and when I opened the door the whole thing flew off its hinges and blew away down the street. The band were on-stage, but staring at me framed in the doorway. And maybe that did make Bruce a little nervous because I just said, 'I want to play with your band,' and he said, 'Sure, you do anything you want.'
    • There'll be no oiling up with this band. The oil has been there for years and it only gets better.
    • He's older and wiser but he never strays from his basic values. He cares as much, more, about the losers than the winners. He's so unlike everything you think a real successful rock star would be.
    • The label of liberalism is hardly a sentence to public igominy: otherwise Bruce Springsteen would still be rehabilitating used Cadillacs in Asbury Park and Jane Fonda, for all we know, would be just another overweight housewife.
    • I couldn't believe how happy his music made me and how good it was. He's a gift, and I didn't know. I mean, I knew 'Born in the USA' and 'Glory Days,' but I didn't know that he covered so much ground, and there was something in his music that touched what I was going through, the process of falling back in love with my America.
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