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clement freud Quotes

Clement Freud Quotes

Birth Date: 1924-04-24 (Thursday, April 24th, 1924)



    • If you resolve to give up smoking, drinking and loving, you don't actually live longer; it just seems longer.
    • I suppose that if your name is Freud, it is better to be related to Sigmund than not. It must be frustrating to have to keep denying family connection.
    • I was called up in 1942. Having been born in Berlin, schooled in Devon, London and Berkshire, and lived in Suffolk, I ended up in the Highland Light Infantry.
    • 'Now I am in your country with a colleague, than whom I am older, have been in parliament longer, have held higher positions in our respective political parties: we are both staying at the Peking Palace Hotel and his suite is bigger than mine. Why?' The Minister, very embarrassed, finally said: 'It is because Mr Churchill had a famous grandfather.' It is the only time that I have been out-grandfathered.
    • clement freud

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