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evo morales Quotes

Evo Morales Quotes

Birth Date: 1959-10-26 (Monday, October 26th, 1959)


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Evo Morales is inaugurated as President of Bolivia, becoming the country s first indigenous president.Sunday, January 22nd, 2006


    • If we want to save our planet earth, we have a duty to put an end to the capitalist system.
    • Mesa should listen to the marginalized. He should be with the people, not with the empire.
    • Friends, we have now won. ...I say to Aymaras, Quechuas, Chiquitaos, and Guaranis: for the first time we [indigenous people] are going to be presidents. And I want to say to businesses, intellectual professionals, and artists: do not abandon us.
    • I am sure of the fact that Fidel and Chavez are commanders of the forces of freedom in America, to liberate America and the world.
    • Cuba is a democracy.
    • [Morales] should reflect upon the historic opportunity of moving to the center.
    • Evo asked me if I was the real Zapatero. he he ha ha
    • evo morales

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