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george barker Quotes

George Barker Quotes

Birth Date: 1882-05-09 (Tuesday, May 9th, 1882)
Date of Death: 1930-03-12 (Wednesday, March 12th, 1930)



    • I, born in Essex thirty-four Essentially sexual years ago, Stepped down, looked around, and saw I had been cast a little low In the social register For the friends whom I now know. Is a constable a mister? Bob's your uncle, even so.
    • Turn on your side and bear the day to me Beloved, sceptre-struck, immured In the glass wall of sleep. Slowly Uncloud the borealis of your eye And show your iceberg secrets, your midnight prizes To the green-eyed world and to me.
    • My one, my one, my only love, Hide, hide your face in a leaf, And let the hot tear falling burn The stupid heart that will not learn The everywhere of grief.
    • george barker

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