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george crabbe Quotes

George Crabbe Quotes

Birth Date: 1754-12-24 (Tuesday, December 24th, 1754)
Date of Death: 1832-02-03 (Friday, February 3rd, 1832)



    • Where Plenty smiles - alas! she smiles for few, And those who taste not, yet behold her store, Are as the slaves that dig the golden ore, The wealth around them makes them doubly poor.
    • The murmuring poor, who will not fast in peace.
    • A master passion is the love of news.
    • Our farmers round, well pleased with constant gain, Like other farmers, flourish and complain.
    • Oh, rather give me commentators plain, Who with no deep researches vex the brain; Who from the dark and doubtful love to run, And hold their glimmering tapers to the sun.
    • Her air, her manners, all who saw admir'd; Courteous though coy, and gentle though retir'd; The joy of youth and health her eyes display'd, And ease of heart her every look convey'd.
    • Habit with him was all the test of truth, It must be right: I've done it from my youth.
    • In this fool's paradise he drank delight.
    • Books cannot always please, however good; Minds are not ever craving for their food.
    • In idle wishes fools supinely stay; Be there a will, and wisdom finds a way.
    • Who calls a lawyer rogue, may find, too late Upon one of these depends his whole estate.
    • Cut and come again.
    • Better to love amiss than nothing to have loved.
    • But 'twas a maxim he had often tried, That right was right, and there he would abide.
    • 'T was good advice, and meant, my son, Be good.
    • Secrets with girls, like loaded guns with boys, Are never valued till they make a noise.
    • He tried the luxury of doing good.
    • To sigh, yet not recede; to grieve, yet not repent.
    • And took for truth the test of ridicule.
    • Time has touched me gently in his race, And left no odious furrows in my face.
    • george crabbe

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