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hugh macdiarmid Quotes

Hugh MacDiarmid Quotes

Birth Date: 1892-08-11 (Thursday, August 11th, 1892)



    • I amna fou' sae muckle as tired - deid dune. It's gey and hard wark coupin' gless for gless Wi' Cruivie and Gilsanquhar and the like, And I'm no' juist as bauld as aince I wes.
    • I'll ha'e nae hauf-way hoose, but aye be whaur Extremes meet - it's the only way I ken To dodge the curst conceit o' bein' richt That damns the vast majority o' men.
    • The number of people who can copulate properly may be few; the number who can write well are infinitely fewer.
    • If there's a sword-like sang That can cut Scotland clear O a' the warld beside Rax me the hilt o't here. For there's nae jewal till Frae the rest o earth it's free, Wi the starry separateness I'd fain to Scotland gie.
    • The rose of all the world is not for me. I want for my part Only the little white rose of Scotland That smells sharp and sweet - and breaks the heart.
    • It is time we in Scotland put England in its proper place and instead of our leaning on England and taking inspiration from her, we should lean and turn to Europe, for it is there our future prosperity lies.
    • hugh macdiarmid

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