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jack dee Quotes

Jack Dee Quotes

Birth Date: 1962-09-24 (Monday, September 24th, 1962)



    • If you are allowed to smack children, you should be allowed to smack geriatrics as well because they are just as much of a nuisance as children, if not more.
    • My feeling is that women will never be equal to men ... I think men are catching up in all kinds of ways.
    • My grandfather died last week, and we buried him at sea. Well, I say we buried him at sea; it was actually a village in north Wales at the time.
    • [on pre-EU British passports] You used them to shove aside officials. 'Out of my way, Johnny-foreigner! Reason for visit? Imperialism!'
    • Unlike European mustards that bring out the subtle flavours of food, English mustard makes your nose bleed.
    • People walk up to me and say, 'You're not as big as you are on telly, are you?' Well, I don't know. How big's your fucking television?
    • I've got a video that doesn't record the film, it just watches it and tells me what happens. 'Oh, Meryl Streep bought this farm somewhere, and she gets the clap. That's about it. I think Robert Redford gave it to her. To be honest I was flicking over to the football every five minutes, so...'
    • I thought that I saw your name on a bag of bread but when I reread it, it said 'Thick Cut'.
    • I had a wet dream about you last night. I dreamt you got hit by a bus, and I pissed myself laughing.
    • I love the way garages leave black buckets outside for your dead flowers.
    • I had a blowjob once. I didn't like the taste.
    • I always love it when a great, new, comedian gets hit by a bus.
    • I hate people who think it's clever to take drugs... like custom officers.
    • I've had death threats... well a petition.
    • I knew this suit was going to be a problem when i went into the store and asked them 'will this make me look fat?' and they replied 'why shouldn't it, you are'
    • (Imitating an old woman) Well when i was a child there was a carnival and we used to play this game called put the apple in the bucket, i was very good at this game, you brought your own apple and you gave the man a penny to put the apple in his bucket, and when the bucket was full he got in a van and fucked off.
    • The film industry is a lot like Anne Robinson. Always on the lookout for a new face.
    • In my local newspaper, they had this advert: 'Please look after your neighbours in the cold weather'. I live next door to this 84-year-old woman, and do you know, not once has she come round to see if I'm all right. The lazy cow hasn't even taken her milk in for a fortnight.
    • I was gonna get a BMW and rang my dad who knows a bit about cars. He said, 'You can't get a German car after what your granddad went through in the war.' Now I didn't know about this but apparently, during the Second World War, my granddad had a succession of very unreliable German cars.
    • I wish they'd stop improving car washes. They just keep adding to the choice on that menu. The super valet, super foam valet, super wax valet. When all you want is a button that says: Get this shit off my bonnet.
    • jack dee

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