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james d. watson Quotes

James D. Watson Quotes

Birth Date: 1928-04-06 (Friday, April 6th, 1928)


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Francis Crick and James D. Watson discover the structure of the DNA molecule.Saturday, February 21st, 1953
James D. Watson and Francis Crick announce to friends that they have determined the chemical structure of DNA; the formal announcement takes place on April 25 following publication in April Nature (pub. April 2).Saturday, February 28th, 1953
Francis Crick and James D. Watson publish Molecular structure of nucleic acids: a structure for deoxyribose nucleic acid describing the double helix structure of DNA.Saturday, April 25th, 1953


    • 'If we don't play god, who will?'
    • 'No one may have the guts to say this, but if we could make better human beings by knowing how to add genes, why shouldn't we?'
    • 'There is only one science, physics: everything else is social work.'
    • james d. watson

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