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jason castro Quotes

Jason Castro Quotes

Birth Date: 1987-03-25 (Wednesday, March 25th, 1987)



    • I was thinking Bob Marley! Yeah!
    • Someone told me I shot the tambourine man.
    • I had a dread in my hand at the dinner table and it was...really awkward!
    • I didn't know a cat sang it.
    • I just found out 'ma belle' was French. I thought it was English. My bell.
    • Aries... I always feel like I'm saying that wrong.
    • And talking...I'm not good with talking.
    • I was thinking about it so much, I was freaked out all day!
    • I think arrogant people disappoint me. Nobody has a right to think they are better than anyone else.
    • The fundamentals of my faith tells be that we're all the same... You know, I'm no better, but no worse, than anybody else... I think everybody should just keep that in mind.
    • My biggest fear is wasting my life.
    • Playing shows every night....DUHHHH!
    • In the end, it will all be okay. If it's not okay, then it's not the end.
    • To be a loving father, a faithful husband and a servant of all.
    • They'd be retarded.
    • My sister Jacqueline is 12, and Idol is her favorite show. Every week she'd be so nervous for me, even though she loved watching me. She was actually having panic attacks and my family didn't know why, then they realized it was all about the show. She would get so worked up! Now she's breathing better (laughs).
    • On how his younger sister, Jackie, has responded to his newfound fame, Latina Magazine
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