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john tyler Quotes

John Tyler Quotes

Birth Date: 1790-03-29 (Monday, March 29th, 1790)
Date of Death: 1862-01-18 (Saturday, January 18th, 1862)


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U.S. President John Tyler vetoes a bill which called for the re-establishment of the Second Bank of the United States. Enraged Whig Party members riot outside the White House in the most violent demonstration on White House grounds in U.S. history.Monday, August 16th, 1841
President John Tyler signs a bill authorizing the United States to annex the Republic of Texas.Saturday, March 1st, 1845


    • I can never consent to being dictated to.
    • I now leave that bed which has afforded me little rest, and eagerly seek repose in the quiet enjoyments of rural life.
    • If the tide of defamation and abuse shall turn, and my administration come to be praised, future Vice-Presidents who may succeed to the Presidency may feel some slight encouragement to pursue an independent course.
    • In 1840 I was called from my farm to undertake the administration of public affairs and I foresaw that I was called to a bed of thorns.
    • Patronage is the sword and cannon by which war may be made on the liberty of the human race.
    • Popularity, I have always thought, may aptly be compared to a coquette - the more you woo her, the more apt is she to elude your embrace.
    • So far as it depends on the course of this government, our relations of good will and friendship will be sedulously cultivated with all nations.
    • Let it, then, be henceforth proclaimed to the world, that man's conscience was created free; that he is no longer accountable to his fellow man for his religious opinions, being responsible therefore only to his God.
    • Wealth can only be accumulated by the earnings of industry and the savings of frugality.
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