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laura nyro Quotes

Laura Nyro Quotes

Birth Date: 1947-10-18 (Saturday, October 18th, 1947)
Date of Death: 1997-04-08 (Tuesday, April 8th, 1997)



    • I'm not scared of dying And I, don't really care If it' s peace you find in dying Well then, let the time be near.
    • My troubles are many They're deep as a well I swear there ain't no Heaven And I pray there ain't no hell But I'll never know by living only my dying will tell. And when I die and when I'm gone There'll be, one child born And a world to carry on, to carry on.
    • Give me my freedom for as long as I be All I ask of livin' is to have no chains on me All I ask of livin' is to have no chains on me And all I ask of dyin' is to go naturally... And when I die, and when I'm gone There'll be one child born, in our world To carry on, to carry on...
    • I was raised on the good book Jesus Till I read between the lines Now I don't believe I ever wanna see the morning
    • You can see the walls roar See your brains on the floor Become God Become cripple Become funky
    • If you love me true And if you love me true I'll spend my life with you And Timer
    • Emily And her love to be Carved in a heart On a berry tree But it's only a little farewell lovespell Time to design a woman
    • So he swears he'll mever marry Says that cuddles are a curse Just tell him plain You're on the next train If love don't get you first
    • I lost my eyes In east wind skies Here's where I've cried Where I've tried Where God and the Tendaberry rise Where Quakers and revolutionaries Join for life
    • He got his mean streak from the gutter Got his kindness from God
    • I saw a man take a needleful of hard drug And die slow
    • She said 'I'm young enough I'm old enough In the city machine Where industries Fill the fish full of mercury'
    • Sage's light Oh and Edison He made two sparks ignite All you do It's a scientific chain reaction
    • They say a woman's place Is to wait and serve Under the veil Submissive and dear But I think my place Is in a ship from space To carry me The hell out of here.
    • The first feminism I expressed was long ago through melodies and rhythms, and a few years later my life caught up.
    • Seclusion from what? I do have a life other than on a vinyl record.
    • One thing I take seriously is having a baby. That's part of my feminism.
    • I feel like a soul mother in my prime, even if Columbia doesn't.
    • laura nyro

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