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martin jol Quotes

Martin Jol Quotes

Birth Date: 1956-01-16 (Monday, January 16th, 1956)



    • Arsenal winning the Champions League would be a nightmare. It would be horrific if we finished fourth and weren't in it, watching some team from one of those tiny little countries playing in the Champions League.
    • Everyone saw what happened and I think I did really well to hold myself back. I really don't think he realises how strong I am. Otherwise he wouldn't approach me with headbutts and everything.
    • Everyone tells you that Tottenham Hotspur is his favourite club when he comes to the club, and everybody knows he's lying.
    • Frank [Arnesen] asked me first to be the head coach, and then he said 'yeah, well we need a big name' so they get another fellow in, and that was ok with me because I knew I only had to wait 'til January.
    • I am not a liar! Irrespective of all the rights and wrongs of the situation, I don't think a manager should behave like that.
    • I wouldn't swap Jermain Defoe for Miss World, but he would probably swap me for her.
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