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martin tyler Quotes

Martin Tyler Quotes

Birth Date: 1945-09-14 (Friday, September 14th, 1945)



    • HENRYYYY! With a minute to go! The hitman .. produces a great moment for Arsenal, at the expense of Manchester United! What a turn around at the Emirates!
    • Here comes Overmars nowwwwww.......Arsenal have scored in the Premiership at Old Trafford.
    • Here's a matter of not just achiving this lead, just sustaining it - Bergkamp - Vieira...not scored this season...Has Now!
    • Fabregas up to the head of Henry...Reyes....Thierry Henry...First Chance - FIRST GOAL! Inside 75 seconds, the hitman is Henry! Take that Chelsea!
    • A quick one from Henrrryyyy....Too quick for Chelsea! They go to Graham Poll whos doing nothing to stop the Arsenal celebrations! Arsenal lead again.
    • It's Tony Adams, put through by Steve Bould.....Would you BELIEVE IT!?....That sums it all up! Arsenal - Awesome. The Cream of the Crop.
    • Tony Adams bursts through to seal the 1997-98 Premiership title for Arsenal.
    • Got Ljungberg ahead of him through the centre, Cole coming from the left - here he is......1-1! Sylvain Wiltord with Lighting Reflexes!
    • Gilberto....Pires the conductor, center stage.....Bergkamp...Vieira....for Pires! 2. (What a goal)....What your seeing here, is what we've seen all season...the sheer class of Arsenal.
    • Here comes Arsenal again with Pires....his got the better of Gerrard, Ljungberg is waiting in the center - FREDDIE LJUNGBERG! It is two now. Well this is awsome from Arsenal, with the odds stuck aganist them!
    • Out comes Kelly; it seems as though he would be leaving Leeds United after so many years in the summer, but he stayed around.....Toure, with a chance here......and Kanu! The Hot Shots in terms of scoring in consecutive games of all time - 47, the number. The name is Arsenal!
    • In towards him as you would have expected; as Manchester United would have expected - THAT'S VIEIRRRRRAAAA!! ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! It flew in!
    • OHHHHHHHH....What A GOAL..........WHAT-A-GOAL!! From the eighteen year old - his first for the club, the deputy for Dennis Bergkamp!
    • Vieira........Pires.......for VIEIRRRAAAA! Arsenal have put it together when it mattered. When it looked as though...they were being completely outplayed here. This is the response of defending champions.
    • Lucky there, on a one-two off a Manchester United player.....For ADEBAYOORRR! Goal - ARSENAL! With five minutes to go, they're in the lead for the first time this season, and it's at Old Trafford!
    • It's Freddie Ljungberg again, pushed out by Barthez......WILTOOOOOOOOOORRRD!! Arsenal have scored yet again in the Premiership and this could be the most crucial goal of all!
    • Paul Durkin looks at his watch...History in the making. The club from HIGHBURY! They are the champions! They have taken the title away from Manchester United...and they have done it here at Old Trafford! It does not get more conclusive then that.
    • It's Kanu, what's he going to do....OHHHHHHH! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!! He's flattened Chelsea! He's hit a hat-trick at Stamford Bridge!
    • They are back on top of the English summit, and they are Arsenal!...And here is the or-constructor of this awesome season; the manager who's own future at the club seemed under threat, until he signed that long term contract - Arsene of Arsenal! It's firework time and they have provided so many fireworks this season - Arsenal Football Club!
    • Bergkamp.....Parlour coming in from the other side...IT'S GILBERTOOOO! What a start! The World Cup winner scores for Arsenal at Cardiff and they dance with new team mates with him.
    • Advantage played here from Mike Riley, which Arsenal......really want to turn into goal number two - they've done that through Sylvain Wiltord.
    • Well here's Flamini.....and Hleb.....FLAMINIII! Goal for Stamford Bridge, from Flamini in the 78th minute!
    • It's Arsenal's Day Now!
    • will run through for Sylvain Wiltord - the man in form! The run continues......Arsenal 1, Manchester City 0.
    • Wiltord.......Cole moving on the left hand side....found by Sylvain Wiltord - Henry, they've opened Manchester City up.....Absolutely Superb! A personal message from Thierry Henry, but the message to the rest of the Premiership - this is what you have got to match.
    • Long overdue a goal at the Millennium Stadium; Thierry Henry has all sorts of bad luck heeeeerrre......and Thierry Henry, thank you very much because we have set it up and he has delivered.
    • Arsenal have scored inside a minute and Henry who has announced himself in pretty much every other premiership ground does so very quickly at the Madejski!
    • And here's Arsenal again...Hleb....they've worked their way's brilliant....Absolutely brilliant! It's Robin van Persie's goal, but he was the lucky one their to round it all off.
    • Here they come again, it is REYESSSSSSSSS! Stand up for the Champions!
    • The mountain that is English Football is a long and difficult one to climb, but the view from the top is breathtaking, Chelsea are champions again!
    • That is Lampard and that is Absolutely SUPERB!
    • Chelsea FC ohhh, Wigan Athletic OHHHHHH!!!
    • The Kings of Kings Road are now Kings of England!
    • Can Chelsea respond.....ZOOOLAAA! THERE'S YOUR ANSWER!
    • It's a brilliant atmosphere, just imagine what it would be if Everton score....AND THEY DO! And it's Duncan Ferguson, 10 years on! You dont have to imagine the atmosphere now, just take it in!
    • Barnes, Rush, Barnes...still John Barnes....Collymore closing IIIINNNN! Liverpool lead in stoppage time! Kevin Keegan hangs his head....he's devastated!
    • Four added minutes....and GERRAARRD!....Ohh-OHHHHHH!! Stunning!
    • RIISSEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! (OH MY GOODNESS)......GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME! Well, it's amazing the goal is still standing.
    • MELLORRRRRRR, my goodness! Where did that come from?! The right foot of Neil Mellor, it's probably the last kick of the game! There's no points for Arsenal!
    • Here's Carragher trying to..stay cool...Mellor, lovely cushioned header for GERRAAAAAAAAARD!!!!
    • ...and that's Anelka making up the ground and robbing Ferdinand...can he put Goater in's Shaun Goater for Manchester's comes out to ANELKAAA! Four minutes gone and a flying start for the home side...Manchester City 1 - Manchester United 0!
    • Goater's pulled out....certainly not the end of the chance...can he score..HE DOES! And Gary Neville puts his hands to his head and wonders what he has done.
    • ...and here is GOATEERRR! 3-1! That's the most important thing, add to that 100 Manchester City goals for Shaun Goater!
    • ...1-1! It's Highbury! With a header!
    • The Premier club in the Premier League - that is Manchester United!
    • Carragher.....Ohhhhhhhh the goalkeeper's lost it! What a catastrophe for Dudek; What a gift for Forlan, and for Manchester United!
    • Van Nistelrooy bears down on goal, finds the goal - The Premiership pendulum swings Manchester United's way!
    • Beckham! That's absolutely brilliant!
    • CANTONNA!! I don't believe it!
    • Beckham, WHAT A GOAL!!! It was going to take something to make a break through here and David Beckham has provided it!
    • Two International Greats here, in a decisive moment in an F.A Cup Semi Final Replay....Bergkamp and Schmeichel...AND SCHMEICHEL HAS SAVED IT!...WHAT A HERO FOR MANCHESTER UNITED!
    • Thats a rather weiry one from Vieira....Giggs gets past Vieira, past Dixon (who comes back at him) its a wonderful run from GIGGSSSSSS!!!! SENSATIONAL GOAL FROM RYAN GIGGS! IN THE SECOND PERIOD OF EXTRA TIME...HES CUT ARSENAL TO RIBBONS AND THE TEAM WITH 10 MEN! GO BACK INFRONT 2-1!
    • Headed out by McCann..HOWWWWWW?!?!?!?!?! PAUL SCHOLES WITH THE MOST BRILLIANT GOAL! We've seen some stunners over the last couple of weeks in The Prmiership but this...TOPS THE LOT!!
    • On a day Newcastle would have taken one, here they are looking for number five, through Phillip Alberrrrt.....Ohhhhh! Absolutely Glorious!
    • Jenas by name, Genius by Nature!
    • My Goodness! Mark that down as a very very special moment.
    • It's run off Carvalho's back...OHHHH FANTASTIC!! Robbie Keane...UNBELIEVABLE
    • It is TEVEZZZZZZZ...GOAL! For Carlos Tevez, at long last! And for West Ham United, the luxury of a two nil lead.
    • It's Emile HESKEY!!!!!!! IT IS FIVE!
    • YES FOR ENGLAND!! David Beckham has done it BIG TIME!
    • Baggio. Gets the better of Hasek. STILL BAGGIO. MY WORD!!! ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!! THE AUTHENTIC...ROBERTO BAGGIO. And the most expensive player in the world shows why. It hardly needs words - this goal speaks for itself!
    • Exactly a mirror image...for France a second goal for Zinedine Zidane
    • It takes 15 years to build a reputation, and 15 seconds to destroy it.
    • Was that a shot? I suppose it must have been.
    • martin tyler

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