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mel blanc Quotes

Mel Blanc Quotes

Birth Date: 1908-05-30 (Saturday, May 30th, 1908)
Date of Death: 1989-07-10 (Monday, July 10th, 1989)



    • 'Eh... what's up, doc?'
    • 'And don't think it hasn't been a little slice of heaven . . . 'cause it hasn't.'
    • 'That's All Folks'
    • 'Oooohhh that Rraabbutt!!!'...'I'm gonna get that varmant!!!'
    • 'Say your prayers, you long eared galoot!'
    • 'Look at m...I said look at me when I talk to ya boy!!!'
    • 'Caaaaapppttttiiinnnnn Maaaa..aaaa..nnnn!!!!'
    • 'I taught I taw a putty tat!!...I did! I did! I did taw a putty tat.'
    • 'Thufferin' Thuckatash!'
    • 'Beep! Beep!'
    • 'Arriba, Arriba!'
    • 'Hah! That's it! Holdit right there! . . . Pronoun trouble... It's not: 'he doesn't have to shoot you now'; it's: 'he doesn't have to shoot me now.' Well, I say he does have to shoot me now!! So shoot me now!'
    • 'You're . . . diiiiithpickable!'
    • 'That makes me very angry! Very angry indeed!!'
    • 'Shhhhhh...Be vewy, vewy quiet...We're huntin' wabbit.'
    • 'JETSONNNNN!!!...You're Fired!!'
    • mel blanc

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