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michael collins Quotes

Michael Collins Quotes

Birth Date: 1890-10-16 (Thursday, October 16th, 1890)
Date of Death: 1922-08-22 (Tuesday, August 22nd, 1922)


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Michael Collins, Commander-in-Chief of the Irish Free State Army is shot dead during an Anti-Treaty ambush at Beal na mBlath, County Cork, during the Irish Civil War.Tuesday, August 22nd, 1922


    • When you have sweated, toiled, had mad dreams, hopeless nightmares, you find yourself in London's streets, cold and dank in the night air. Think - what have I got for Ireland? Something which she has wanted these past seven hundred years. Will anyone be satisfied at the bargain? Will anyone? I tell you this; early this morning I signed my death warrant. I thought at the time how odd, how ridiculous - a bullet may just as well have done the job five years ago.
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