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mikhail tukhachevsky Quotes

Mikhail Tukhachevsky Quotes

Date of Death: 1937-06-12 (Saturday, June 12th, 1937)



    • I am convinced that all that is needed in order to achieve what I want is bravery and self-confidence. I certainly have enough self-confidence...I told myself that I shall either be a general at thirty, or that I shall not be alive by then.
    • Many desire it. We are a slack people but deeply destructive. Should there be a revolution, only God knows where it will end. I think that a constitutional regime would mean the end of Russia. We need a despot!
    • There can be no doubt that if we had been victorious on the Vistula, the revolutionary fires would have reached the entire continent.
    • Tukhachevsky was an especially damaging loss for the army and the state.
    • Lenin sensed that Tukhachevsky was a kindred spirit. He delegated the most responsible jobs to the obscure lieutenant.
    • mikhail tukhachevsky

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Mikhail Tukhachevsky

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