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owen hart Quotes

Owen Hart Quotes

Birth Date: 1965-05-07 (Friday, May 7th, 1965)
Date of Death: 1999-05-24 (Monday, May 24th, 1999)



    • 'I'm gonna break his (Bret's) legs!
    • 'Prepare for the wrestling lesson of your life!'
    • 'You make me sick!'
    • 'I'm gonna bust your neck!'
    • 'Woo...'
    • 'I am not a nugget!'
    • 'Who's the nugget now?!'
    • 'Owen 3:16 says, 'I just broke your neck!' '
    • 'I don't need you with a bad leg doin' the Bret! You're too damn selfish, and that's why you're sittin' there with a bad leg, and that's why I kicked your leg out of your leg!'
    • 'I'm standing and I'm ready, and I'll break your other leg you gutless ... Bastard!'
    • 'That's why I eat my broccoli, take my vitamins and drink my milk. Woo!'
    • 'Owen? I'm not Owen. Where is Owen? I'm looking for Owen Hart too myself, where is he?'
    • 'I just came here to see friends, I'm retired.'
    • 'Enough is Enough, and it's time for a change!'
    • Owen Hart: 'Can you spell..say lawsuit', Michael Cole? Michael Cole 'Lawsuit?' OH: 'That's right and that's exactly what it'll be if Stone Cold Steve Austin comes anywhere near me!'
    • 'Do nothing wrong, play by the rules, be a good person:do everything right:it doesn't guarantee you anything.'
    • owen hart

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