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percival lowell Quotes

Percival Lowell Quotes

Birth Date: 1855-03-13 (Tuesday, March 13th, 1855)
Date of Death: 1916-11-12 (Sunday, November 12th, 1916)



    • Are physical forces alone at work there, or has evolution begotten something more complex, something not unakin to what we know on Earth as life?
    • The whole object of science is to synthesize, and so simplify; and did we but know the uttermost of a subject we could make it singularly clear.
    • Formulae are the anaethetics of thought, not its stimulants.
    • That Mars is inhabited by beings of some sort or other we may consider as certain as it is uncertain what these beings may be.
    • War is a survival among us from savage times and affects now chiefly the the boyish and unthinking element of the nation.
    • So far as thought may peer into the past, the epic of our solar system began with a great catastrophe. Two suns met. What had been, ceased; what was to be, arose. Fatal to both progenitors, the event dated a stupendous cosmic birth.
    • In the great desert of northern Arizona the traveller, threading his way across a sage-brush and cacti plain shut in by abrupt-sided shelves of land rising here and there some hundreds of feet higher, suddenly comes upon a petrified forest.
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