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ringo starr Quotes

Ringo Starr Quotes

Birth Date: 1946-08-04 (Sunday, August 4th, 1946)
Date of Death: 1994-12-30 (Friday, December 30th, 1994)


ringo starr life timeline

Pete Best replaced by Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey) as drummer for The Beatles.Thursday, August 16th, 1962


    • I'd Like to be Under the sea In an octopus's garden with you.
    • Got to pay your dues if you want to sing the blues And you know it don't come easy.
    • The world's saddest man will live here in Los Angeles.
    • The only way I'll get you is to get you in bed.
    • All I do is scream your name.
    • Drumming is my middle name.
    • 'Every time someone spells 'beetles' with an 'A', we get some money' --Ringo (1964)
    • It was just like Butlins.
    • America: It's like Britain, only with buttons.
    • I like Beethoven, especially the poems.
    • 'There's a woman in the United States who predicted the plane we were traveling on would crash. Now, a lot of people would like to think we were scared into saying a prayer. What we did actually--we drank.'
    • 'I hope the fans will take up meditation instead of drugs.'
    • 'So this is America. They must be out of their minds.'
    • 'I'm not going to say anything because nobody believes me when I do.'
    • It's been a hard days'.. night.
    • 'Spent it on fish and chips'
    • 'I guess I'll just sit out on my yacht and sulk about it'
    • ringo starr

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