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robert pollok Quotes

Robert Pollok Quotes

Date of Death: 1827-09-18 (Tuesday, September 18th, 1827)



    • Sorrows remembered sweeten present joy.
    • Most wondrous book! bright candle of the Lord! Star of Eternity! The only star By which the bark of man could navigate The sea of life and gain the coast of bliss Securely.
    • He touched his harp, and nations heard, entranced, As some vast river of unfailing source, Rapid, exhaustless, deep, his numbers flowed And opened new fountains in the human heart.
    • He laid his hand upon 'the Ocean's mane,' And played familiar with his hoary locks.
    • 'T was Slander filled her mouth with lying words, Slander, the foulest whelp of Sin.
    • And now her eyes grew bright, and brighter still, Too bright for ours to look upon, suffused With many tears, and closed without a cloud. They set as sets the morning star, which goes Not down behind the darkened west, nor hides Obscured among the tempests of the sky, But melts away into the light of heaven.
    • He was a man Who stole the livery of the court of Heaven To serve the Devil in.
    • With one hand he put A penny in the urn of poverty, And with the other took a shilling out.
    • robert pollok

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