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rufus wainwright Quotes

Rufus Wainwright Quotes

Birth Date: 1973-07-22 (Sunday, July 22nd, 1973)



    • 'I am disappointed that my parents didn't give birth to a porn star.'
    • Rufus Wainwright: Did you see that there's a chiropractor here?
    • 'Oh, what was that? Here try that again...this time toss it and say RUFUS! (Pause) That's always been my dream, to have girls to scream at me and be pummeled with roses.' ~ Rufus in Cleveland, after a girl threw a rose on stage
    • 'I, like, would run into walls and stuff. I was INSANE.' ~ Rufus on his childhood
    • 'I think it's a good, alone-in-the-middle-of-the-day type of a record. Or very late at night, with a whole bunch of friends after you've sort of had your fill of today's hollow culture, which can be fun. But if you get back home and you're with some friends and you just want to realize that there's more to life than Justin Timberlake, it's a good record for that, too. The one time I don't think would be very good is over dinner. I think it would make everybody regurgitate blood and then turn into werewolves.' on the best time to listen to his album Want Two
    • 'I feel that physical beauty connects to the depths of our animalistic selves, and I don't know whether that's good or bad or what. but it's very confusing.'
    • 'It is a great tragedy that Rufus Wainwright is gay.' (responding to screaming female fan)
    • God, look at the flare on these pants. I feel like a Clydsdale...(long pause)...that's a horse.' -November 1, 2005, Beacon Theatre, NYC
    • 'I'm doing a new song in this show. Actually, I sang it on the last tour... It's a song, it's called 'Between My Legs,' and it's going to be another of my HUMONGOUS hits. They're gonna love it in the Bible Belt! ...Beneath the Bible Belt! ...Hey, that's pretty good! Beneath the Bible Belt... *giggle* Er, below the Bible Belt! Eh, however it goes... *giggle* This song's about the end of the world. Okay, here we go...' ~Before 'Between My Legs' in Northampton, MA on Nov. 4, 2005
    • 'Let the fairy within you fly!'
    • rufus wainwright

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