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sepp dietrich Quotes

Sepp Dietrich Quotes

Birth Date: 1892-05-28 (Saturday, May 28th, 1892)



    • I'm iron. I lasted through ten years of war, and now I can last through this. It's true, it's not good for the nerves.
    • I never actively engaged in politics, never made speeches. Politics is a whore. It's too high for me. Just as I don't understand American politics, so I don't understand German politics. The only interest in politics is to get to know how to lead a life under the most favorable circumstances.
    • All Asiatics are cruel dogs. All they captured of my soldiers, they beat to death. The Russian soldiers are very brave, stable, tough.
    • We fought against an enemy six times as large as us.
    • There was no Geneva Convention. But we didn't shoot Russians either. Where would we get three million prisoners if we shot all the Russians? Propaganda! You can't open your mouth, even in the biggest democracy. Do you think it's so nice to sit in prison after ten years of war for the Fatherland? If I would be God, I would do it differently!
    • All I had to do was to cross the river, capture Brussels, and then go on to take the port of Antwerp. The snow was waist-deep and there wasn't room to deploy four tanks abreast, let alone six armored divisions. It didn't get light until eight and was dark again at four, and my tanks can't fight at night. And all this at Christmas time!
    • He (Hitler) knew even less than the rest. He allowed himself to be taken for a sucker by everyone.
    • That's your reward for all that you have done in these past five years!? I'd rather be shot than obey that order!
    • It was the Hitler Offensive. It was brilliantly planned by Hitler but poorly executed by the generals. It was not Rundstedt who was at fault so much as Dietrich and his Sixth Army, which was not capable. Dietrich was no army commander and should never have been made one. This Sixth Army was an all-motorized panzer force.
    • Dietrich quite openly criticised measures taken by the Fuhrer. He complains that the Fuhrer does not give his military staff a sufficiently free hand and that this tendency has now become so pronounced that the Fuhrer even lays down the employment of individual companies. But Dietrich is in no position to judge. The Fuhrer cannot rely on his military advisers. They have so often deceived him and thrown dust in his eyes that he now has to attend to every detail. Thank God he does attend to them, for if he did not, matters would be even worse than they are anyway.
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