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terence rattigan Quotes

Terence Rattigan Quotes

Birth Date: 1911-06-10 (Saturday, June 10th, 1911)



    • Kenneth: If you're so hot, you'd better tell me how to say she has ideas above her station. Brian: Oh, yes, I forgot. It's fairly easy, old boy. Elle a des idees au-dessus de sa gare.
    • When you're between any kind of devil and the deep blue sea, the deep blue sea sometimes looks very inviting.
    • Let us invent a character, a nice respectable, middle-class, middle-aged, maiden lady, with time on her hands and the money to help her pass it. She enjoys pictures, books, music, and the theatre and though to none of these arts (or rather, for consistency's sake, to none of these three arts and the one craft) does she bring much knowledge or discernment, at least, as she is apt to tell her cronies, she 'does know what she likes'. Let us call her Aunt Edna.
    • A novelist may lose his readers for a few pages; a playwright never dares lose his audience for a minute.
    • Do you know what le vice Anglais - the English vice - really is? Not flagellation, not pederasty - whatever the French believe it to be. It's our refusal to admit to our emotions. We think they demean us, I suppose.
    • terence rattigan

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