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teresa heinz kerry Quotes

Teresa Heinz Kerry Quotes

Birth Date: 1938-10-05 (Wednesday, October 5th, 1938)



    • I think I can best do my work as a head of a family, as a nurturer, for the family, meaning a nurturer for Pittsburgh, and in that sense what we do here can be applicable in many places in the world.
    • You said something I didn't say. Now shove it.
    • They want four more years of hell.
    • Three more months!
    • I want you to issue a challenge for me to debate Howard Dean.
    • I'd like to be a dog. Wouldn't you like to be a dog? I would. Dogs are friendly.
    • I'm Nurse Fuzzy Wuzzy here, going 'woo hoo.'
    • Let me just say having been married to a Republican, wonderful man, who was the old kind of Republican that we used to have once upon a time, the Republicanism of this administration is neither Republican nor conservative. There are good people in both parties. These people are not Republicans.
    • To have a couple of people who escaped four, five, six times and deferred and deferred and deferred, calling him anything or doubting his heroism is in and of itself unpatriotic, unpatriotic, I refer to the vice president.
    • teresa heinz kerry

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