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thomas dekker Quotes

Thomas Dekker Quotes

Birth Date: 1987-12-28 (Monday, December 28th, 1987)
Date of Death: 1632-08-25 (Wednesday, August 25th, 1632)



    • A wise man poor Is like a sacred book that 's never read,- To himself he lives, and to all else seems dead. This age thinks better of a gilded fool Than of a threadbare saint in wisdom's school.
    • And though mine arm should conquer twenty worlds, There 's a lean fellow beats all conquerors.
    • To add to golden numbers golden numbers.
    • Honest labour bears a lovely face.
    • The best of men That e'er wore earth about him was a sufferer; A soft, meek, patient, humble, tranquil spirit, The first true gentleman that ever breathed.
    • I was ne'er so thrummed since I was a gentleman.
    • This principle is old, but true as fate,- Kings may love treason, but the traitor hate.
    • We are ne'er like angels till our passion dies.
    • Turn over a new leaf.
    • Art thou poor, yet hast thou golden slumbers? O sweet content! Art thou rich, yet is thy mind perplex'd? O punishment!
    • thomas dekker

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