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thomas j. watson Quotes

Thomas J. Watson Quotes

Birth Date: 1874-02-17 (Tuesday, February 17th, 1874)
Date of Death: 1956-06-19 (Tuesday, June 19th, 1956)



    • All the problems of the world could be settled easily if men were only willing to think. The trouble is that men very often resort to all sorts of devices in order not to think, because thinking is such hard work.
    • Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business but above all... good design must primarily serve people.
    • Don't make friends who are comfortable to be with. Make friends who will force you to lever yourself up.
    • Every time we've moved ahead in IBM, it was because someone was willing to take a chance, put his head on the block, and try something new.
    • Good design is good business.
    • Great design will not sell an inferior product, but it will enable a great product to achieve its maximum potential.
    • I am not a very intelligent person, but I am smart in spots, and I stick to those spots.
    • If you aren't playing well, the game isn't as much fun. When that happens I tell myself just to go out and play as I did when I was a kid.
    • If you stand up and be counted, from time to time you may get yourself knocked down. But remember this: A man flattened by an opponent can get up again. A man flattened by conformity stays down for good.
    • If you want to achieve excellence, you can get there today. As of this second, quit doing less-than-excellent work.
    • Nothing so conclusively proves a man's ability to lead others as what he does from day to day to lead himself.
    • Once an organization loses its spirit of pioneering and rests on its early work, its progress stops.
    • Really big people are, above everything else, courteous, considerate and generous - not just to some people in some circumstances - but to everyone all the time.
    • If you want to succeed, double your failure rate.
    • I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.
    • thomas j. watson

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