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thomas keneally Quotes

Thomas Keneally Quotes

Birth Date: 1935-10-07 (Monday, October 7th, 1935)



    • Fatal human malice is the staple of narrators, original sin the mother-fluid of historians. But it is a risky enterprise to have to write of virtue.
    • In times like these, he said, it must be hard for the churches to go on telling people that their Heavenly Father cared about the death of even a single sparrow. He'd hate to be a priest, Herr Schindler said, in an era like this, when life did not have the value of a packet of cigarettes. Stern agreed but suggested, in the spirit of the discussion, that the Biblical reference Herr Schindler had made could be summed up by a Talmudic verse which said that he who saves the life of one man, saves the entire world.
    • The list is an absolute good. The list is life. All round its cramped margins lies the gulf.
    • thomas keneally

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