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tina fey Quotes

Tina Fey Quotes

Birth Date: 1970-05-18 (Monday, May 18th, 1970)



    • (Typical signoff) Goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow.
    • Ashlee Simpson did a special performance at Mall of America this week. Reports from those present say that the venue was completely packed; I mean seriously, people were like sardines, wall to wall, there had to be like ten of them...all pushed up against the giant stage they the janitor's closet. Because she sucks.
    • Despite explosive violence in the West Bank this week, negotiators remain hopeful that a U.S.-sponsored summit could end the conflict. Israeli and Palestinian officials say they are eager to sign an agreement so they can dip it in gasoline, light it on fire and throw it at each other.
    • Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman say their split is amicable, and they want everyone to know that after the divorce is final, their two adopted children will be returned to the prop department at Universal Studios.
    • New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is once again expressing outrage at an art exhibit, this time at a painting in which Jesus is depicted as a naked woman. Said the mayor, 'This trash is not the sort of thing that I want to look at when I go to the museum with my mistress.'
    • In order to feel safer on his private jet, actor John Travolta has purchased a bomb-sniffing dog. Unfortunately for the actor, the dog came six movies too late. [1]
    • It was announced that Ricky Martin will perform at the Lincoln Memorial as part of President Bush's inauguration. Apparently, Mr. Bush's first step in restoring the dignity of the presidency is having a soap star sing 'She Bangs' at the foot of the Great Emancipator.
    • Gale Norton, President Bush's controversial nominee for Secretary of the Interior, told a Senate committee this week, 'I intend to make the conservation of America's national treasures my highest priority.' At the top of her list is the American Bald Oil Magnate.
    • In Washington last week, officials from the National Rifle Association met with a group of 200 high school students. There were no survivors. [2]
    • On Monday, Attorney General John Ashcroft issued a terrorism warning asking all Americans to be on high alert this week. Then on Friday he announced that the period of high alert will be extended indefinitely. I think I speak for all Americans when I say: Bitch, I can't be any more alert than I already am! Okay, I'm opening my mail with salad tongs, I take my passport into the shower with me. I'm watching so much CNN I'm having sex dreams about w:Wolf Blitzer. How 'bout this: you be on full alert. I'm gonna freeze my head like Walt Disney, and you can wake me up when everything's cool. Okay?
    • Former pop singer Tiffany posed as the centerspread model for this month's issue of Playboy magazine. Tiffany, a devout Baptist, sat down with her young daughter and showed her a Cosmopolitan magazine saying 'See honey? Mommy isn't nearly as classy as these ladies'.
    • According to a new study, women in satisfying marriages are less likely to develop cardiovascular diseases than unmarried women. So don't worry, lonely women, you'll be dead soon.
    • Despite the fact that Martha Stewart has disgraced herself too much to hold an official position at Omnimedia, the company may still use her name and images to sell their products. You know, sort of like Clinton and the Democrats. [3]
    • At the request of the Catholic Church, a three-day sex orgy to be held near Rio de Janeiro was cancelled last Friday. Organizers expected 500,000 men and eight women. So instead I spent the weekend cleaning my apartment. Organizers of the orgy were expecting 1500 men, and 8 women. [4]
    • According to reports, Britney Spears has told family and close friends that she and her new husband Kevin Federline are expecting their first child. So far, no word on whether it will be a pimp or a ho. [5]
    • Helmut Simon, who 13 years ago found the 5,000-year-old remains of a prehistoric man frozen in the ice of an Alpine glacier, has himself disappeared in the snow-covered Alps. Helmut, if you can hear me, don't give up. Help is on the way in five thousand years.
    • A man who had a heart attack while he was alone in his house was saved when his dog brought him the phone so he could call for help. However, it should be noted that for every one of these heartwarming stories, there's a million others where the dog just sits there like a moron and watches you die.
    • Bill O'Reilly settled his sexual harassment suit out-of-court this week. This is what he had to say about it on Thursday's O'Reilly Factor:
    • Hoping to court ex-New Yorkers living in Florida, the Bush campaign is running radio ads there, featuring former New York mayors Rudy Giuliani and Ed Koch. The ads begin, 'Hiiii. We're the reason you LEFT.'
    • Well, today in New York, after months of build up and anticipation, Star Jones made history and became the first person ever to get married.[6]
    • This week, penny collector Gene Sukie went to the bank and cashed in 10,000 pounds of pennies he had collected over 34 years, which were worth over 14,000 dollars. And, of course, I was in line behind him. [7]
    • It was reported that Guy Ritchie has cast his wife Madonna in a small walk-on role in his new movie, Revolver. Madonna will play the part of the woman who ruins the film.
    • It was reported that the New York Knicks have won all 12 of the home games attended by magician David Blaine. A spokesman for the Knicks said, 'if this is what it takes to win, it's not worth it.'
    • The Washington State Supreme Court on Thursday announced a two year suspension for a lawyer caught having jailhouse sex with a triple murder defendant she was representing. Haha! Jokes on you, dummies...I'm not really a lawyer.
    • Bill Clinton's brother Roger was arrested this week for drunk driving in California and then was thrown out of a restaurant after threatening the doorman. Despite all this, Roger Clinton is still the least embarrassing member of his family. [8]
    • Sponge Bob Square Pants will begin airing in China in December so millions of factory workers can finally know what the hell they're making. But Chinese censors have ordered the name of the show be changed to 'CleaningpadCharlie RectangleShorts'
    • Polaroid is warning customers not to listen to the part of the Outkast song Hey Ya! that tells people to 'shake it like a Polaroid picture', because that could actually ruin the pictures. In a related story, Bacardi is warning shorties to be responsible and not 'sip Bacardi like it's Dey birfday.' [9]
    • Two days before Britney Spears' HBO concert from Las Vegas, someone broke into her dressing room and stole the white, Elvis-inspired jumpsuit that she wore to promote the event. And you know what, I'm not giving it back! I keep it now, it's mine!
    • FOX is developing a new reality dating series called Playing it Straight, in which a female contestant will date 14 bachelors, some of whom are gay, and some are straight. The show was originally called The Tina Fey College Experience. [10]
    • CBS announced that will not air's winning anti-Bush ad during the super bowl, saying that they don't air so-called 'issue ads.' Unless the issue is that girls are sluts for beer.[11]
    • A recent study announced that 52 per cent of all teens who sign virginity pledges recant them within twelve months. If I'm on my game.
    • MTV announced this week that the next season of The Real World will be shot in Detroit, as will several cast members. [12]
    • NBC announced this week that they will be producing a 3 hour TV movie based on the life of Rudolph Giuliani. To keep the movie real to life, the Giuliani character is really unlikeable until the last 15 minutes, when everyone loves him. [13]
    • In an interview, Paris Hilton said that of her and her sister, 'People love to hate us. But when you know us, you love us. And if you really get to know us, you get gonorrhea.' [14]
    • Wafah Dufour bin Laden, niece of Osama bin Laden has signed a contract to star in a reality show...called Skating with the Nieces of Terrorists.
    • Maxim magazine recently released its annual hot 100 list, with Eva Longoria at #1, followed by Jennifer Garner and Lindsay Lohan. While I, once again, was ranked between Bonnie Hunt and Joy Behar.
    • At the upcoming Grammy Awards, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony will perform together as the first time, as man and wife. Hopefully music.
    • If these two are tired of having sex with each other, what hope is there for the rest of us? [referring to the Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston break-up]
    • Question number one is from someone who calls himself 'The Controvert.' He says, 'Hi, Tina, I love you in the show. In my humble opinion, when a show pushes the boundaries, you end up with a lot of passionate people on both sides. What do you think of the criticism the show gets?' I think that people who say they love the show and they think it's great and they write good reviews of it, are-are correct and that people who don't like the show for any reason are probably-they're just confusing it with Studio 60.
    • This is, uh, from 'RedSoxGirl02,' um, so that person is four years old, I guess, 'cause their thing is '02.'
    • 'I can't believe you recently had a baby. How do you do it?' [pause] The baby starts to come down...and once that happens you can't-it comes out. Whether you let it or not, the baby comes out. So that's how I did it.
    • 'Do the NBC bigheads really pay attention to these message boards?' Um, I don't know if they read the message boards. I hope so, because I write fifty to a thousand fake posts a week, mostly, uh, saying that I'm really good and that no else is as good as me. So, I hope they listen to that because I'm trying to get a raise.
    • 'So, Alec Baldwin; great actor or greatest actor?' I'm gonna say 'greatest actor'; Baldwin a mile.
    • On Matthew McConaughey 'He was always taking his shirt off, he's like 'Yeah, here's my deal, I'm hot.' We had a meeting one day at like 11 o'clock, right before the show and he walks into the meeting shirtless wearing this like old musty sarong... He doesn't smell great, no.'
    • On Paris Hilton 'She's a piece of shit. The people at 'SNL' were like 'Maybe she'll be fun, maybe she won't take herself so seriously'. She takes herself so seriously! She's unbelievably dumb and so proud of how dumb she is. She looks like a tranny up close... Also, you would walk down the hall and find what just looked like nasty wads of Barbie hair on the stairs... Her hair is like a Fraggle.'
    • tina fey

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