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wilhelm canaris Quotes

Wilhelm Canaris Quotes

Birth Date: 1887-01-01 (Saturday, January 1st, 1887)
Date of Death: 1945-04-09 (Monday, April 9th, 1945)



    • I die for my fatherland. I have a clear conscience. I only did my duty to my country when I tried to oppose the criminal folly of Hitler.
    • Please don't worry about me, Captain Patzig. I'm an incurable optimist. And as far as those fellows are concerned, I think I know how to get along with them.
    • You can talk to the man. He is reasonable, and sees your point of view, if you point it out properly.
    • As the officer before the World War was naturally a it is naturally understandable be a National Socialist...The Wehrmacht has become the tool of the National Socialist will for development.
    • General Franco made it clear that Spain could enter the war only when England was about ready to collapse.
    • You know, my dear Lahousen, the students of history will not need to trouble their heads after this war, as they did after the last, to determine who was guilty of starting it. The case is, however, different when we consider guilt for prolonging the war. I believe that the other side have now disarmed us of the last weapon with which we could have ended it. 'Unconditional surrender', no, our generals will not swallow that. Now I cannot see any solution.
    • Badly mishandled. Nose broken at last interrogation. My time is up. Was not a traitor. Did my duty as a German. If you survive, please tell my wife...
    • A day will come when the world will find the Wehrmacht responsible for these methods, inasmuch as the things happen with our tacit consent.
    • His skill in acting a part, his cunning, his imagination, the ease with which he affected naive stupidity and then emerged into the most subtle reasoning disarmed the security agents who interrogated him.
    • Canaris was a highly intelligent and sensitive man with many likeable qualities. He loved his dogs and his horse almost more than any other living creatures. He often said to me, 'Schellenberg, always remember the goodness of animals. You see, my dachshund is discreet and will never betray me - I cannot say that of any human being...'
    • Canaris hated not only Hitler and Himmler, but the entire Nazi system as a political phenomenon .. He was everywhere and nowhere at once. Everywhere he traveled, at home and abroad and to the front, he always left a whirl of confusion behind him .. In reality this small, frail, and somewhat timid man was a vibrating bundle of nerves. Extremely well read, oversensitive, Canaris was an outsider in every respect. In bearing and manner of work he was the most unmilitary of persons.
    • He hated Hitler, his system and his methods. He hated war. He was a human being...
    • wilhelm canaris

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