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william harvey Quotes

William Harvey Quotes

Birth Date: 1578-04-01 (Saturday, April 1st, 1578)
Date of Death: 1657-06-03 (Sunday, June 3rd, 1657)


william harvey life timeline

American Civil War: Sergeant William Harvey Carney becomes the first African American to be awarded the Medal of Honor, for his heroism in the Assault on the Battery Wagner.Wednesday, May 23rd, 1900


    • The heart of animals is the foundation of their life, the sovereign of everything within them, the sun of their microcosm.
    • All that we know is still infinitely less than all that still remains unknown.
    • I profess both to learn and to teach anatomy, not from books but from dissections; not from positions of philosophers but from the fabric of nature.
    • I avow myself the partisan of truth alone.
    • As art is a habit with reference to things to be done, so is science a habit in respect to things to be known.
    • I appeal to your own eyes as my witness and judge.
    • william harvey

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